October 1, 2019

Grand Prize Draw, Cash Money and Marijuana Seeds Giveaway Promotion

It’s time for the finale of the biggest cash and cannabis seeds giveaway in 2019. Submit your best pics of cannabis now while you can for the last chance to win the grand prize of €7,500 (~ $8,175) cash money, 50 free marijuana seeds and marijuana merchandise goodies.

After a year of non-stop giveaways, the Seedsman Photo Cup is finally coming to an end. But before it ends the best prize draw yet is to come, and guess what? Final entries are open now!

2019 marijuana photo competition grand prize draw

It’s been an exciting 2019 for cannabis growers, contestants and everyone involved in the competition. We have been promoting the competition all year here at marijuanagrowingblog.com. To date, thousands of dollars worth in cash, vouchers, seeds and merchandise have been awarded to winners of the Seedsman Photo Cup Spring Prize Draw and Summer Prize Draw. The judges are get ready to announce more winners for the Autumn Prize Draw, which just wrapped up in September.

Competition Details

If you are not aware of what the Seedsman Photo Cup is, let’s go over the details.

The Seedsman Photo Cup is a huge online competition run by Seedsman, the cannabis seedbank company that sells over 1,500 strains from more than 65 seedbanks and breeds their own strains, too. Basically all the competition requires of you is to share your own cannabis photos to be voted on. The pictures can be anything to do with cannabis such as pics of your weed plants, some good bud, an artsy photo of cannabis, smoking weed, or even pictures of somebody else’s marijuana (as long as you own the photographs, you can submit them).

As of September 20th registration has been open for the biggest prize draw of the year, the Grand Prize Draw. From now until November 11th at 11:59 PM (UK Time (GMT)) the Grand Prize Draw is open for submissions.

seedsman photo cup marijuana

How is the Competition Judged?

The two separate judging platforms of the Seedsman Photo Cup are what decides the winners. They are called the Judge’s Cup and the People’s Cup.

  • The Judges’ Cup is led by Jorge Cervantes along with a group of cannabis aficionados and leaders who will look over the submissions and select their favorites based on factors such as image quality, composition, setting, lighting, quality of the plant and creativity.
  • The People’s Cup is run by you, and anyone else that visits the voting page, which is located conveniently on the Seedsman Photo Cup page. How it works is people visit the page and can vote for their favorites. The pictures that get the most likes (votes), win.

photo competition cannabis pictures vote

What are the Prizes?

Seedsman is offering a whopping grand prize of €7,500 cash to the first place winner of the Grand Prize Draw. The 2nd and 3rd place winners get nice hefty prizes, too.

A breakdown of all the prizes and freebies given away at the Seedsman Photo Cup Grand Prize Draw is illustrated below in the following tables:

Judges’ Choice Prizes

1st Prize (1 Winner) 2nd Prize (2 winners) 3rd Prize (5 winners)
€7500 Cash €1000 Cash €200 Voucher
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch 50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch 50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch
Jorge Cervantes Books Jorge Cervantes Books Jorge Cervantes Books

People’s Choice Prizes

1st Prize (1 winner) 2nd Prize (5 winners)
€1000 Cash €500 Cash
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch 50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch
Jorge Cervantes Books Jorge Cervantes Books

What to Enter

In order to win, you must submit photos that the Judge’s and people will love.

The Judge’s Cup is judged by professionals with an eye for photography, so high-quality photos can really make a difference. A good bet would be to use a good camera and brush up on your photography skills. Read these 9 tips to take professional-grade cannabis photography as a starting point. Creativity and plant quality are also criteria that can be taken into consideration.

The People’s Cup might be a different game. Take a look at social media for example, pictures of good weed gets lots of attention and photo quality is hardly the determining factor. Gaming the People’s Cup is likely a matter of capturing the most eye-catching marijuana on camera. Basically, you are fishing for likes.

How to Enter

Have some pics that you’d like to submit already? Great, you can enter them in to the competition now. Just click this link seedsmanphotocup.com to start or use the official entry form below:

Seedsman Photo Cup 2019 Grand Prize Entry

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