December 5, 2018

Marijuana Growing Videos

Learn how growers cultivate marijuana in these helpful videos. View a range of methods from organic growing to hydroponics. Watch how the cannabis plants grow during the video time lapses gain insight into growing your own. Enjoy. 🎬

Video 1: Starting From Seed How to Start Growing Cannabis

Video overview: Starting from seed is the first step to growing marijuana plants. Get educated on the most common method for planting marijuana seeds – which is directly into the soil. Other growers often use water or wet newspaper for seed germination. When the plants are sprouted, they are ready to be transplanted into larger containers, or into the ground/grow set-up.


Video 2: Cannabis Life Cycle Time Lapse (Seed to Harvest)

Video overview: Check out a time lapse of the marijuana plant grown from seed until harvest. This will show you the whole growing process of the cannabis plant’s life cycle – seedling stage, vegetative growth and bloom cycle.


Video 3: Cannabis Grow Op Tour – Learn from a Master Grower

Video overview: A master cannabis grower shows you the techniques used for success in this tutorial video. Master Grower Travis displays his grow room full of marijuana plants and offers advise for cultivating professional-grade bud.


Video 4: Harvesting the Biggest Buds of My Life

Video overview: Mr. Canuck shows off his biggest bud harvest in this fun video for educational purposes. See dense bud, high-quality marijuana plants in late flower. Mr. Canucks channel is one of the most popular cannabis video documentation series on YouTube.


Video 5: Indoor Organic Blue Dream

Video overview: See how indoor cannabis growers in California pull off high yielding Blue Dream harvests. Cali Green channel shows legal recreational and medical marijuana being grown indoors. A real beautiful strain captured.

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