July 31, 2019

Marijuana Seeds Giveaways, Free Seeds, Win Cash (Autumn Cup Now Open!)

Free seeds samples and seeds for free review are part of the giveaways taking place at the Seedsman Photo Cup, a cash, seeds and prizes giveaway competition where you simply submit your best photographs of cannabis to be eligible to win. Enter now (skip to current entry form) or check out what was just won.

Giveaway Winners Overview

Earlier we covered the Summer Cup competition which ran from the May 20th – June 19th. There were a total of 2,501 votes on 4,197 entries, and some nice, interesting photos were chosen as the winners, let’s take a look:

The Judge’s Choice Summer Cup winners (chosen by a team of cannabis industry professionals including Jorge Cervantes) include a 1st Place Prize to BBQ Gorilla by Greengenes, for a razor-sharp focused photograph of a male flower. That 1st place prize gives the winner over 500$ in cash (€500), a €500 voucher to use at Seedsman, Jorge Cervantes books, plus 50 Free Seedsman Seeds and merch. Good job!

judges choice first place prize winner cannabis cup photo

The beautiful male flower pods (btw I use Arch)

The 2nd Places and 3rd Place Summer Cup winning photos look pretty dank as well. There are also cash prizes, vouchers, free seeds and rewards for the 2nd and 3rd places prizes (laid out in a table down below)

judges choice 2nd 3rd place prize winners cannabis cup

Tasty-looking Platinum Cookies and that Super Skunk is super thicc 💦)

When considering how to win at the Judge’s Choice Cup, remember that the photography attributes of the photos are being judged primarily… so use the best camera you can get your hands on and try to shoot really clear, in-focus photos.

photo cup free seed giveaways gif

Now the People’s Choice Cup is judged by visitors to the Seedsman Photo Cup Page, so it may not be so much about the photography rather than what looks awesome enough to vote on (scroll to the bottom and you can vote on submissions). Let’s see what the Summer Cup People’s Choice winners were this time around:

peoples choice 1st-place prize winner marijuana photo cup

1st Place Prize is Candida 1 by Asha, a photograph of the high CBD strain Candida topped, cropped and trained into a double dragon. The 2nd Place photographs all look good too, especially that super frosty Zombie Kush! 🤤

peoples choice 2nd-place prize winners seedsman photo cup

Autumn Cup Now Open – Win Cash, Free Marijuana Seeds and Giveaways

autumn cup now open seedsman photo cup

Now if you haven’t won yet, or haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time left to join in on the competition. The Autumn Cup is open now until mid-late September to submit your cannabis photos. As the same with the Spring Cup and Summer Cup there will be the following winners who get the giveaway prizes described in the table below:

Autumn Prize Draw
 Entry July 20th – Ends Sept
50 Free Seeds + Merch
Signed Jorge C. Book €200 Voucher €500 Voucher €500 Cash
Judges’ Cup First Place
1 Winner
Judges’ Cup Second Place
2 Winners
Judges’ Cup Third Place
5 Winners
People’s Cup First Place
 1 Winner
People’s Cup Second Place  5 Winners

So, are you ready to enter in the Seedsman Photo Cup now to win this Autumn?

Do it!

Send in your best top-quality pictures of cannabis (can be of plants, smoking, buds, anything cannabis-themed is valid). Don’t worry, entry is simple and only takes a few minutes to be completed. The best part is that there is no purchase necessary to be eligible to win. All it basically requires from you is:

a) you are of legal age (18 years of age or older)

b) the photos are your own

c) sign up and submit in your photos

d) that’s it! now sit back and see what the Judges and people think. Maybe try sharing your photos with your friends and tell them to vote for yours. 🙂

Sign up now using the official entry form:

Seedsman Photo Cup 2019 Grand Prize Entry

Read the full terms and conditions for the Seedsman Photo cup

After the Autumn Cup which is live now, there’s still the Grand Prize Draw that opens for submissions on September 20th and closes in November (making an ideal time-frame to photograph your outdoor plants as they become ready to harvest).

Good luck to all the entrants of the Seedsman Photo Cup (Autumn Cup) and let’s see some great photography work for this round! Be sure to check back at MarijuanaGrowingBlog.com for more updates, information, facts and tutorials about cannabis growing.

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