September 13, 2019

Oklahoma: Under What Circumstances Can I Grow Marijuana At Home?

Each state has different regulations when it comes to the medical and recreational use of marijuana. The rules covering medical marijuana in Oklahoma allow its use for medical purposes only when in possession of a medical marijuana card.

In addition, possessing a medical marijuana license allows you to grow six mature plants at your home and six seedlings. As mentioned, you may only grow and consume marijuana if you have an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Oklahoma Marijuana Grower with Plants

As well as the 12 plants, there are limits on how much marijuana one can legally possess in the state. These are three ounces on your person, one ounce of concentrate, 72 ounces of edible product, and eight ounces in your home.

How to Get a License

To grow your own marijuana to treat a medical condition, you must apply for a license from the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA). You cannot use a license issued by another state. To obtain a license, you first need to book an appointment with a doctor who is approved to advise on marijuana use. The consultation will include a discussion about the health conditions that you want to treat.

After the doctor agrees that the use of medical marijuana is appropriate, you register with OMMA. It will want to see the doctor’s report and proof that you a resident of Oklahoma.

If the paperwork is in order, OMMA will post out an Oklahoma medical marijuana card within two weeks. Upon receipt of the license, you may start cultivating plants. The license lasts for two years.

Oklahoma Cannabis Garden Greenhouse Photo

Who can Get a License?

Anyone over the age of 18 that requires medical cannabis to alleviate their pain can apply. In the first year after legalization, over 178,000 people were approved to buy and use medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

A convenient way to get a card is to use an online service from an approved company like Veriheal. Licensed to operate in Oklahoma, they provide an online consultation process and will email you the physician’s recommendation form to enclose with your application.

Growing Marijuana

Growing Marijuana Oklahoma


Growing marijuana indoors requires a small space, good lighting, and a steady temperature of between 70F and 85F. Lights and a fan are also required. It is important to choose seeds that are appropriate to the growing environment.

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To germinate the seeds, choose between two methods:

Drop in a glass of water and wait between 24 and 48 hours for the seeds to crack; or
Place between wet paper towels in a sealable plastic container, keep humid and allow air inside.

For first time growers, a pre-fertilized soil is cheap, easy to use and forgiving. The alternative is to go hydroponic, which appears cleaner and may provide higher yields and faster growth.

The plants need a steady flow of good air. Try to avoid having too much variation in airflow.

Finally, you need to remember to water the plants. The frequency depends on the seeds, the room temperature, and the container in which the plants are growing. Be careful not to overwater.

Harvesting the Plants

Harvesting Cannabis Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

Remember to ask for advice when buying the seeds as well as what to look for when the plant is ready to harvest. This is typically between eight and 10 weeks after the seeds have been sown. It might also pay to research a little bit about the biology of your plants.

You want to harvest after the plants have flowered and when the leaves turn yellow. However, leaves turning yellow before flowering is a sign that the plants have not been taken care of properly.

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